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New Emmi Pet Poster.jpeg

New Emmipet Teeth Cleaning Service

Emmi-pet teeth cleaning service is suitable for dogs with mild to moderate tartar build up, it can help heal gum disease, freshen breath and reduce tartar.

About Emmi-Pet

Emmi-Pet is revolutionising dental care for dogs across the globe, allowing them to have their teeth cleaned without having to be put under anesthetic.


Once introduced correctly, this unique toothbrush is generally well accepted by dogs, as not only is it soundless and vibration-free,  no actual brushing or scrubbing is necessary.  


Before you read on, I'd just like to stress that this is not a 'magic wand' - it's a gentle and gradual method of removing tartar and bacteria from your dog's teeth and gums and needs to be used for several sessions in order to thin the tartar and bacteria enough to make it safe to flick the tartar off the teeth. 


The good news is that from the very first use, the ultrasound is killing the bacteria in the mouth and right under the gum line, which  results in the immediate reduction, or even total elimination of bad breath!


By using ultrasound tooth cleaning as part of a regularly scheduled routine, you can help to avoid taking your dog to the vet for a professional scale and polish, which can only be achieved while under a full anesthetic.

How Emmi-Pet Works

Emmi-Pet with its unique and patented dental care system, is now setting a new trend for a completely new kind of dental cleaning and oral hygiene. It's gentle, motionless and does not involve brushing or any abrasive action!


This revolutionary method is based on a globally unique patent - the Ultrasonic Piezo-Chip created by Emmi-dent. This Piezo-Chip sits in the head of the ultrasonic toothbrush and generates up to 96 million oscillations (air vibrations) per minute. By comparison, electric toothbrushes generate approximately  20,000 oscillations per  minute


These ultrasound waves are then transferred, via the bristles of the toothbrush head, onto Emmi-Pet's specially formulated toothpaste. The ultrasound waves penetrate the gum up to 12mm deep, getting into the gum pockets and soft tissue, killing all the bacteria and impurities that  can cause periodontal disease. 


At this point 'micro bubbles' are generated, which react with the air vibrations and implode. These implosions effectively eliminate and remove food particles, plaque and bacteria from the teeth, gums, palate and tongue.

10 Reasons Dog Owners Are Loving Emmi-Pet Teeth Cleaning

1.  It's a very gentle way to clean teeth, as there is no need for mechanical movement.

2. It's completely silent and non-vibrating - so readily accepted by the majority of dogs.

3. It kills bacteria, promotes blood circulation, softens tartar and has a sterilising effect.

4. It's very effective against bleeding gums, bad breath and prevents periodontitis, ulcers and other dental diseases.

5. It's ideal as a preventative treatment for puppies and young dogs who have not yet developed excessive plaque and tartar.

6. No anesthetic or sedative is required, so particularly good for dogs who, for whatever reason, are unable to have anesthetic - elderly dogs or those with medical issues.

7. It cleans gums up to 12mm deep with gentle ultrasonic waves and is non-invasive.

8. It prevents and removes tartar and plaque build up.

9. Used regularly it is a preventative treatment for tooth and gum disease.

10. The ultrasonic waves from the Emmi-Pet have been tested and proven to be absolutely safe.

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