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Dog Grooming 

At Groom on the Green I offer a wide range of grooming services for all dogs from puppies to adult, and for all sizes and breeds:

  • Bath & blow dry only

  • Bath, blow dry and cut

  • De-matting

  • Nail cutting

  • Cut only (dog pre-bathed and dried by you - best for anxious dogs

  • Puppy visits

Bespoke Grooming

I will discuss your grooming requirements prior to booking an appointment with you in order to ensure that your booking is tailored specifically to your dogs needs.

So if your dog is a bit more matted than usual, or is nervous and needs an extra cuddle or two please just let me know and I will do all I can do accomodate your needs.

Badly Matted Coats

The Animal Welfare Act provides safeguards against harm or injury caused to dogs. As such, a badly matted dog can be placed in a stressful state or be caused pain if not dealt with properly.  My policy is that any severely matted dogs will require to be shaved for their own comfort.

Although this may seem a bit drastic, it is necessary to allow the coat to re-grow and to return to prime condition and is the least stressful and pain-free option for the dog.

All owners will be asked to sign a permission to shave declaration for any badly matted dogs prior to any grooming taking place.

Grooming Frequency

All dogs are different and therefore will require varying levels of grooming. Generally most breeds would need regular grooming between 6 to 10 weeks. Bathing can be done as and when required. 

Grooming times can vary in length from anywhere between 1 to 3 hours.  I will always give a rough time guide when dropping off your dog and when the groom is finished I will contact you to collect your dog.

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